Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally online again! - sort of

Been awhile - we've moved back into our house, but are still working on the kitchen. (We have cardboard on the floor for now. . . wouldn't recommend it. It's not too easy to keep clean with an active toddler - hard enough with 2 adults and a dog. The crawling child doesn't do well with it either, but enjoys trying to eat and tear it up every chance he gets!) Still don't have the office set up at all, which means no computer. I had to hijack my husband's laptop to update another blog, so I thought I could quickly post another on this one.
I haven't been able to do anything crafty lately, but did finally get the chance to get my hair cut. I was "able" to cut and donate 17 inches to Locks of Love. (Thanks Mom for this and for babysitting!) This is my 4th time donating, but I can't remember how much the total is. . . not that it's important, just thought it'd be interesting to know. FYI - some salons will either cut your hair for free or for a reduced price if you donate. . . (I found out on Facebook that a few of my friends didn't know this.) Sometimes the salon will mail it in, other times you do, but it's not difficult - directions are on the website, so I'll not bore you with them here. Just want to also say that colored and/or permed hair are accepted now - they didn't take them a few years ago, but that's changed. If you aren't sure what Locks of Love is and have more than 10 inches of hair you could do without, please check out their website at It's nice in this economy and with my schedule to help out, even if it is just a small bit.

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