Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Haven't had time to blog lately. . . .unfortunately, not all good - wasted way too much time (well over 6 hours in so-called-appointment time alone on top of 1/2 hour calls) just for a quote from Mesa Garage Doors - and still didn't get one. Must be doing too much business to handle, so I'll have to move on to something else.
Wanted to blog quickly just to sing the praises of Just Rite Stamp Company. I was stamping a birthday card and then started a quick project calendar for my son (to try to help him see how many months there are since he's asking about his birthday a month after it happened) when I noticed that one of my font sets was missing a letter. Luckily, it was the "x" in the smaller size, but I felt that it was my fault a bit. Yes, they didn't pack the letter/s in question, but I've had this set for awhile and even used it a few times, but apparently, didn't need that letter in that size. I asked if I could get 1-2 of them - thinking that it wouldn't cost much. I got a reply very quickly - from the president. Unfortunately, they aren't going to make that font anytime soon, or they would have sent me some. They've now split up the sets so you don't have to buy all sizes in upper case, then all sizes in lower case - both upper and lower case are together in just the size you want. They're also now selling clear "handles" to put the pieces in. Don't know how well that works with the colored rubber stamps, but more power to them! I may or may not buy them since there are some pieces that you trim down and maybe the clear helps, but I hope they sell lots! They're a good company!

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