Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Projects

This year, I made some "cards" for my mom, MIL, and my grandmother who is visiting from Ohio. (She's staying with my mom, so I had the time when the boys went to sleep.) If she were staying with us, I wouldn't have had the time since she's beyond the "night-owl" title. Even when I stay up late, I still turn in before she does - and that's with the 3-hour time difference in my "favor" so to speak.

My dear hubbie thought that they were great and kept saying that I could sell them for at least $50 each. Which I told him I doubted it. . . unless I were to charge the grandparents involved, but that's more due to the adorable pictures I put on the 5 tags that slipped into their own pockets.

For anyone who doesn't recognize this project, it's a Manila folder! It's folded up (5 inches from the bottom), then in half to make 5 pockets for the tags. I put a photo of my boys on one side and used the backs for journaling/putting cute embellishments.

(The back of this project didn't look like this. For this, I covered my dapper boy's face and the names - please, don't be offended. When it comes to things like the internet, I believe in the "better safe than sorry" philosophy. I doubt anything would happen, but I always try to lower the chance that I'm taking a risk with these little gifts I've been given.)

Oh, not only did dear hubbie compliment me and not complain when I went to bed late a few nights in a row as I was putting the "cards" together, but he got me this. . . The stones are my boys' birthstones, which I've been wanting to have on a ring/bracelet/necklace since giving birth to my youngest.
(It also explains why he chuckled when he saw me putting on the key charms onto the tags!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haven't had time to blog lately. . . .unfortunately, not all good - wasted way too much time (well over 6 hours in so-called-appointment time alone on top of 1/2 hour calls) just for a quote from Mesa Garage Doors - and still didn't get one. Must be doing too much business to handle, so I'll have to move on to something else.
Wanted to blog quickly just to sing the praises of Just Rite Stamp Company. I was stamping a birthday card and then started a quick project calendar for my son (to try to help him see how many months there are since he's asking about his birthday a month after it happened) when I noticed that one of my font sets was missing a letter. Luckily, it was the "x" in the smaller size, but I felt that it was my fault a bit. Yes, they didn't pack the letter/s in question, but I've had this set for awhile and even used it a few times, but apparently, didn't need that letter in that size. I asked if I could get 1-2 of them - thinking that it wouldn't cost much. I got a reply very quickly - from the president. Unfortunately, they aren't going to make that font anytime soon, or they would have sent me some. They've now split up the sets so you don't have to buy all sizes in upper case, then all sizes in lower case - both upper and lower case are together in just the size you want. They're also now selling clear "handles" to put the pieces in. Don't know how well that works with the colored rubber stamps, but more power to them! I may or may not buy them since there are some pieces that you trim down and maybe the clear helps, but I hope they sell lots! They're a good company!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally online again! - sort of

Been awhile - we've moved back into our house, but are still working on the kitchen. (We have cardboard on the floor for now. . . wouldn't recommend it. It's not too easy to keep clean with an active toddler - hard enough with 2 adults and a dog. The crawling child doesn't do well with it either, but enjoys trying to eat and tear it up every chance he gets!) Still don't have the office set up at all, which means no computer. I had to hijack my husband's laptop to update another blog, so I thought I could quickly post another on this one.
I haven't been able to do anything crafty lately, but did finally get the chance to get my hair cut. I was "able" to cut and donate 17 inches to Locks of Love. (Thanks Mom for this and for babysitting!) This is my 4th time donating, but I can't remember how much the total is. . . not that it's important, just thought it'd be interesting to know. FYI - some salons will either cut your hair for free or for a reduced price if you donate. . . (I found out on Facebook that a few of my friends didn't know this.) Sometimes the salon will mail it in, other times you do, but it's not difficult - directions are on the website, so I'll not bore you with them here. Just want to also say that colored and/or permed hair are accepted now - they didn't take them a few years ago, but that's changed. If you aren't sure what Locks of Love is and have more than 10 inches of hair you could do without, please check out their website at It's nice in this economy and with my schedule to help out, even if it is just a small bit.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fruity Cards

I may not have been blogging, but have been busy - mostly "just" being a mom to a busy toddler while fighting morning sickness and for awhile, nursing a sprained ankle (first time I hurt myself that badly!).
In any down time that I've had, I've worked on a few things. . . . I'll probably add the altered journal photos later, but I'm not quite finished with them yet.

These are the cards that I made to go with the altered journals I got from Michael's. I did buy the matching cards, but ended up using them as mats in the journals - after I already stamped the envelopes to match. I didn't want to waste the envelopes, so I came up with the idea of making personalized, monogrammed cards for both of my moms. To top it off, they fit into the recipe boxes that matched. I hope they both like them!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My first big cross-stitch project

I thought I'd post my first real project that I was proud of. (Recently finding it also helped me think of it. . .) It's not technically the first cross-stitch project I worked on. My mom, in her infinate wisdom "encouraged" me to begin with a few small ornaments. (I can't believe it's been 2 decades ago.) This is the first project that I had to do more prep work since the chart was just an alphabet and I had to graph the design out.
If you know of another girl named Beth who likes bears and purple, please let me know. I just joined a new group that sells homemade items and I'm thinking about selling this. I'd love to have this project go to someone who'd like it instead of just taking up space here.

My mom is the one who finished this with the fabric frame.

This is a close-up. The small boarder is actually stitched and has a small bow on the bottom.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First post

I'm not too sure what I'm going to be "blogging," but I thought I'd try! My son is napping right now, so I had a bit of time on my hands. . . in-laws are visiting so that means hubby and Grandpa are out in the garage working around and having fun and Grandma is reading a Grisham book. Not too much to report right now - just trying something new.
Hope all is well with you!

Question: How personal should blogs like this get?