Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Projects

This year, I made some "cards" for my mom, MIL, and my grandmother who is visiting from Ohio. (She's staying with my mom, so I had the time when the boys went to sleep.) If she were staying with us, I wouldn't have had the time since she's beyond the "night-owl" title. Even when I stay up late, I still turn in before she does - and that's with the 3-hour time difference in my "favor" so to speak.

My dear hubbie thought that they were great and kept saying that I could sell them for at least $50 each. Which I told him I doubted it. . . unless I were to charge the grandparents involved, but that's more due to the adorable pictures I put on the 5 tags that slipped into their own pockets.

For anyone who doesn't recognize this project, it's a Manila folder! It's folded up (5 inches from the bottom), then in half to make 5 pockets for the tags. I put a photo of my boys on one side and used the backs for journaling/putting cute embellishments.

(The back of this project didn't look like this. For this, I covered my dapper boy's face and the names - please, don't be offended. When it comes to things like the internet, I believe in the "better safe than sorry" philosophy. I doubt anything would happen, but I always try to lower the chance that I'm taking a risk with these little gifts I've been given.)

Oh, not only did dear hubbie compliment me and not complain when I went to bed late a few nights in a row as I was putting the "cards" together, but he got me this. . . The stones are my boys' birthstones, which I've been wanting to have on a ring/bracelet/necklace since giving birth to my youngest.
(It also explains why he chuckled when he saw me putting on the key charms onto the tags!)

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